A Structured 360º organizational pricing diagnostic, based on data analysis & stakeholder interviews, is used to identify the recovery potential and pricing development areas.

Request a Pricing Diagnostic

Not sure where and how to start you pricing excellence journey? MRD’s decades of empiricism has resulted in a pricing diagnostic consisting of 16 pricing modules that can help companies gain a holistic understanding of their pricing and margin drivers, strengths, weaknesses and potential. Based on a 144-question assessment, the diagnostic is typically the first step in a pricing capability development discussion. Not only does it paint a clear picture of the AS-IS situation, its also helps align the needs and perspectives of different stakeholders and provides guidance on which pricing initiatives to prioritise, based value impact and effort.

How does MRD’s Pricing Diagnostic work?

4 simple steps to starting your pricing excellence journey:

  1. Click on Button “Get a Pricing Diagnostic”
  2. A Pricing Consultant from MRD will contact you to know how many user accounts you need
  3. You will then be sent a link for you to fill answers to 144 benchmark questions related to the key aspects of pricing and business
  4. Upon answering all questions, you will get a report on areas of pricing you need to focus on, methodologies you can use to improve problem areas as well as recommendations on how you can start your pricing excellence journey

Why should you do a Pricing Diagnostic?

Get insights on how to start your pricing excellence journey, plus

  1. Get a detailed assessment on your pricing drivers, strengths & development areas
  2. Get a recommendation on where to start your pricing excellence journey
  3. Get acquainted with methodologies & best-practices being applied by front-runners in the industry
  4. Get a customised recommendation on a pricing execution roadmap that is best suited for your company

The Pricing Diagnostic is a qualitative assessment of an organizations pricing landscape and is typically the starting point to an organization’s journey into Pricing Excellence. It can be combined with a quantitative analysis of price, volume, margin trends upon request.