Auto Machine Learning? Sounds like some kind of A.I. inception doesn’t it?AutoML Solutions aim to automate part of the machine learning workflow. The applications enable citizen data scientists to build and deploy algorithms into operations without the help of mathematicians and advanced data science experts. Where does PriceCypher come in?

What is PriceCypher A.I.?

PriceCypher A.I. is MRD’s latest innovation – An Auto Machine Learning Platform for building Pricing Models.

It uses the principles of artificial intelligence to automate a large part of machine learning workflow that goes into developing dynamic pricing algorithms. It enables the automation of tasks such as model selection, feature selection, and  automated pipeline selection  – complex steps in the development of  machine learning models for pricing.

At the moment PriceCypher A.I. is  available for:

  • Manufacturing,
  • Energy,
  • Logistics,
  • Insurances &
  • Telecommunications

Benchmarking PriceCypher A.I. to Competition 

Our decade of experience in the Pricing Domain has enabled us to create a specialised solution that has shown to outperform the general purpose solutions offered by competitors:

  • PriceCypher A.I. has a 96.3% accuracy on manufacturing datasets, outperforming Microsoft Azure Auto ML by 1.7%.
  • PriceCypher A.I. has a 87.36% accuracy on logistics datasets, outperforming Microsoft Azure Auto ML by 4.5%.

Advantages of using PriceCypher A.I.

  • Faster Model Development. On account of data scientists spending much less time on cumbersome data preparation, cleaning and exploration.
  • Increased Productivity. Of data scientists enabling them to focus on more advanced aspects of model tuning and maintenance.
  • Solid Foundation. With an accurate baseline dynamic pricing model that can be further tuned and steered to meet business objectives.
  • Better Business Results & Engagement. With business since money-making models can be deployed into operations faster.

Future of PriceCypher A.I.

It is a given that Artificial Intelligence is the future. AutoML solutions such as PriceCypher A.I. will enable faster, better and efficient working of data science teams and can give the much needed boost to those looking to accelerate their journey into Pricing with A.I.

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