PriceCypher: Now A Gartner recognized B2B Price Optimization & Manangement Solution

Gartner Market Guide B2B Price Optimization & Manangement

PrieCypher is proud to be part of Gartner’s Market Guide for B2B Price Optimization & Management (PO&M) Software that helps organizations understand the upside potential of deploying AI for Pricing. PO&M is one of the highest yield applications of AI and it enables organizations, large and small to gain commercial control and drive top-line growth.

PriceCypher Dynamic Pricing enables Pricing Agility in organizations by allowing pricing and product managers to steer their portfolio towards different business objectives (customer retention, market share acquisitions, outlier correction). Furthermore, it delivers sales insights on customer price sensitivity, churn risk, upsell/win-back volume with an exact willingness-to-pay per deal.

The implementation and effectuation of PriceCypher can be realized within 2-4 weeks. The earn out on the business case, which is typically 3-5% of revenues is normally within 3 months.

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