Data-driven approach to Price List Deduction and Discount Guideline Setting. 

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List/ Target prices  serve as aiming points in price negotiations and are needed by sales to establish the market, competitive and value positioning of a product. With 1000s of SKUs, maintaining these Price lists can get quite cumbersome. MRD used advanced regression techniques to deduce price lists based on existing clouds of deals as well as intel on pricing power of a product. The tool provides recommendations for a Price List (upper price band) and a Minimum Price (lower  price band) which can be static or dynamically adjusted with discount thresholds based on volume or other price drivers. These recommendations can be downloaded in desired formats of connect with APIs to a SAP or CRM where sales can use these as boundaries to operate within.

Why should you get a Price List & Discount Manager?

Get commercial control, plus

  1. Get a data-driven & market-adjusted price lists and discount guidelines for all your products/SKUs
  2. Give sales accurate insights on market positioning and value of products
  3. Prevent loss of revenue or deals on account of too high or too low list prices
  4. Reduce the number of escalations occurring on account of too high or too low list prices

The Price List & Discount Manager enables Product & Business Managers to stay on top of their pricing responsibilities and have an accurate positioning of their product portfolio. It can be combined with a Pricing Power Assessment to add the dimension of price elasticities of products, to their portfolio price positioning.