A food ingredients company wanted to improve its operational effectiveness by reducing time and costs on non-value adding activities like washdowns and increase asset utilization to fulfill customer orders.


Executives in Manufacturing & Supply Chain were given the task to :

  • Reduce the Number of Washdowns to increase asset output & reduce water consumption from cleaning.
  • Automate Production Planning to save time and resources on manual excel calculations and the inability to address unforeseen events swiftly


A combination of machine learning and classic optimization techniques were used to:

  • Create a product mapping & grouping activity to identify mixes with similar properties & ingredients
  • Fill gaps in the demand planning system using predictive techniques
  • Create an optimization solution for planning product n the mixers and packers based on business constraints
  • Create a UI for visualizing and altering constraints for use by the planner


  • MRD Orchestrator with Machine learning for Optimization Problems


  • Reduce Number of Washdowns
  • Increased asset output by 10%
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