Our inter-disciplinary team of business advisors, quantitative analysts and technical experts that bring actionable intelligence to clients in daily operations.

Ruud Schmeink
Managing Director
I believe that only those companies that incorporate data science into business operations will become the winners of the future. It is for that reason that we at MarketRedesign, develop and implement advanced pricing algorithms/models and learning techniques to support business strategy and uplift business margins.
Jeroen Smeets
Principal Mathematician
We use advanced statistics and applied machine learning to empower our clients with knowledge - the rest is upto them. I am driven to push the boundaries of the quantitative sciences and bring them to operational use.
Shruti Anand
Sales & Marketing Lead
I am dedicated to expanding the footprint of MarketRedesign at clients and partners alike. The expertise, talent and dedication in this organisation drives me to bring our assets to market globally.
Yifan Cao
Data Science & Research Lead
I live to advance the interdisciplinary fields of mathematical algorithms, scientific computing, and process mining to extract insights and reveal the hidden truth from the data in various forms.
Xunxun Wu, PhD
Data Scientist
As a recent PhD graduate with experience in statistical data analysis, machine learning and predictive price modelling, I work on innovating the offerings of MarketRedesign to bring more value to our clients.
Sejong Park, PhD
Data Scientist
As an experienced research mathematician with passion for real life applications, my goal is to extract hidden valuable information from data for clients using advanced techniques from machine learning and statistics.
Joey Dokter
Data Science Consultant
In seeking to bridge the gap between business and data science, my goal is to help our clients with ensuring pricing excellence, by transferring knowledge of machine learning and advanced statistics.
Harm van Beek
Sales Manager
With a background in sales and marketing, I contribute towards the marketing strategy, positioning and sales campaigns of PriceCypher, our latest predictive pricing solution.
Marijn van der Horst
Software Consultant
I am devoted to enhancing the functional and technical aspects of products with a passion for developing engaging consumer experiences. I love exploring and learning new technologies and applying them in daily operations.
Gijs Bellaard
Software Integration Developer
I help bring the offerings of MarketDesign to life at clients by designing lean and effective integration solutions.
Emiel Schmeink
IT & Security Consultant
At MarketRedesign we need a lot of processing power to handle the data in a fast and secure way. I make sure that all the tools necessary for the data are up and running, and are up to today's security and privacy standards.
Mirl van Hoek
Design Consultant
As the in-house designer, I am dedicated to bringing the message of MarketRedesign to life in a unique and creative way. I try to blend simplicity with innovativeness as a reflection to MarketRedesign's personality.
Mart Hagedoorn
Software Engineer
Working at MarketRedesign has exposed me to a variety of challenges and client situations. I enjoy working with the data science team in trying to navigate these challenges creatively.


Working at MarketRedesign means you will “live” in real data and will be directly connected to projects at clients and show the impact and power of data science. MarketRedesign is in the scale-up phase and looking for self-starters who are eager to learn and take responsibility. The company is established and profitable and growing fast, so we are looking for candidates who are fully committed and want to help us grow the company.

If you are interested in our company and in working with us, you may send your application, including CV and motivation to For more information, feel free to contact Shruti Anand (+31-641117098) or Ruud Schmeink (+31-651508371).