In business, ROI calculators are one of the most efficient ways to measure the impact of an investment or to assess the value/return of investing in an initiative.

What if an ROI or a Value Benefit calculator provides insight into the untapped potential of your pricing landscape by answering 10 simple questions and you can get an estimate on how much value you can make by initiating simple and straightforward pricing techniques?

That would mean that a value benefit calculator could, on one hand, help you analyze measure your impact for the business and on the other hand generates value statements with progressive insights that forecast revenue acceleration and cost savings opportunities.

How is Pricing Quick Scan different than others?

4-steps working system:

  1. Download / Install from the MRD App Store
  2. Fill answers to 10 simple questions related to the key aspects of pricing and business. It is also possible to find out which pricing proposition is right for you by answering 10 additional questions.
  3. Get an initial overview of your RoI/value potential
  4. Fill in your email address to get a detailed report


  • Helps you understand the drivers of pricing
  • Gives insights if you should invest in a project or not
  • It’s Easy and Simple to Use
  • Can be used to convince stakeholders
  • Provides a cost-benefit analysis
  • Enables Comparative Analysis

MRD’s Pricing Quick Scan calculates & provides sound insight into a company’s return on their investments and enable business executives to analyze potential investments to determine which options will be the most profitable. It is typically the starting point to an organization’s journey into Pricing Excellence

MRD has decades of experience in pricing strategies, with a simple overview of 10 question-answer out team is capable of deep-diving & providing insights into the untapped potential of your pricing landscape.

If you are ready to walk to the path of pricing excellence, contact us.