Ruud Schmeink – CEO – Managing Partner

Ruud conceptRuud Schmeink is CEO of MarketRedesign and specialist in general management, pricing & profit management, value recovery and new business development. Ruud is participating as key expert in several international client improvement and re-structuring projects. Ruud developed a career along several senior management positions at HBG, DSM, Linde Gas and holds a MSc degree from Wageningen University and participated in advanced management courses at IMD.

Active Areas: Data Science, Predictive Pricing, Advanced Transactional Pricing

Jeroen Smeets – Head of Data Science & Technology

js-fotoJeroen Smeets has an 8 year track record in pricing analysis & qualitative profitability and value leakage analysis at MRD. Jeroen holds a MSc degree in Mathematics from Eindhoven University and is participating in several pricing data science projects. Jeroen is leading the research programs between MRD and Eindhoven University, Faculty Mathematics.


Active Areas: Innovation Management, Research, Data Science Project Management


Yifan Cao – Senior Data Scientist, Business Consultant

Yifan Cao has a solid track record in data science and mathematics at MRD. Yifan holds a MSc degree in Mathematics from Eindhoven University and is participating in several pricing data science projects. Yifan is leading machine (online) learning project as well as MRD’s research program with Eindhoven University.

Active Areas: Mathematics, Data Science, Modelling


Thomas Kenbeek – Senior Data Scientist, Business Consultant

Thomas holds a MSc degree in Econometrics from Tilburg University and is participating in several pricing data science projects. Thomas is as well involved in business strategy projects at large international clients.

Active Areas: Data Science, Modelling, Business Strategy


Benoit Dupont – Senior Software Developer, Client Operations

Benoit holds a BSc degree in Computer Science and Engineering and has a long history in software development and operations of applications. Benoit is ensuring smooth operations of running myDealWinner and predictive pricing applications at clients.

Active Areas: Software Development, Client Operations


Willem Mouwen – Software Architect

Willem is finalizing his MSc degree in Computer Science and Engineering at both Eindhoven University of Technology and Radboud University Nijmegen, specializing in Information Security Technology. Willem is leading the long term developments in applications that are used by clients for predictive pricing and for the myDealWinner pricing solutions.

Active Areas: Software Development, Architecture


MarketRedesign Employees (>20 FTE) in the following Key Functions:
  • Data Management, ETL Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Mathematics & Data Science
  • Software Engineering, Database Design
  • ISMS Management (based on ISO 27001)
  • Customer Service Management