Securing all data critical processes and hardware by ISMS – ISO 27001

Business Information and Data are the core business assets of MarketRedesign. Therefore, MarketRedesign requires state of art protection of its Business Information, Data, Systems, Organization and Software against any threat that could potentially disrupt business operations or lead to undesired handling or exposure of business information to any form of risk, whether internal or external, deliberate or accidental.

MarketRedesign’s Information Security Management System is built to allow a thorough understanding of our approach to Information Security, for employees, suppliers and customers.

The Policy Scope covers physical security and all forms of Information Security, such as data stored on computers, transmitted across networks, printed or written on paper, stored on external data carriers or spoken in person or over the phone.

MarketRedesign realizes that Information Security is one of the least static phenomena of this century, and therefore requires its employees to have a continuous awareness of security risks and a high capacity for security enhancement.

MarketRedesign is committed to maintaining and continuously improving the Information Security and Information Security Management System within the company and minimizing the company’s and its clients’ exposure to risks.

Full Data Security Policy MRD

Information Security Policy Statement signed V1R1