Our History and Future

Over the years, MarketRedesign has developed a solid track record at international B2B companies as Marketing Science & Technology company. Combining Data Science, Business Consultancy and Pricing Technology.

Combining Data Science, Business Consultancy and Pricing Technology into solutions to enhance, improve and recover B2B performances in the Frontline.

We are located at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, the smartest square kilometer in Europe.


Where we Focus on

MarketRedesign is a Marketing Science & Technology company, specialized in profit improvement through price & margin management, sales redesign and strategy.

The understanding that all information and resources are available in your own Organization is our central theme, and by utilizing our knowledge and science we help bring that information out in the form of (new) business insights, web based tooling and organizational implementation roadmaps.

MarketRedesign provides B2B organizations with the necessary tools and knowledge to regain commercial control. MarketRedesign is a no nonsense consultancy and has built a solid track record over the recent years among (international) tier one companies in industries of specialty chemicals, food ingredients, energy and pharma ingredients.

Global Footprint MRD


Research & Development to Agile Innovate for Client Performance

Our proprietary concepts are enforced through an innovative program with the department of Mathematics & Computer Science at Eindhoven University of Technology. This has led to top-quality scientific algorithms to support decision making in both price negotiation strategy and tactics. Every company, both large and small, will now be able to yield from pricing and actively improve margins.


Team Set-up

The MarketRedesign team consists of partners, senior consultants and business analysts with academic degrees in mathematics, science or business management. Senior consultants have an international senior executive background at global B2B companies. The MarketRedesign Organization is headed by Ruud Schmeink.