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Business & Marketing Strategy
The MarketRedesign Business and Marketing Planning methodology consists of a various modules centered around the 3 key components of Business & Marketing Planning: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
Business Strategy Development & Execution
MRD has gained global experience in Strategy Development and Implementation. A systematic approach will be followed to collectively develop strategic direction to businesses with the business team itself. This collective business planning approach has proven to be extremely effective throughout numerous companies.
Churn Optimisation
The essential parameters that are of influence to Churn can be detected and modelled into an algorithm in order to find the optimum set-point or targets on these parameters. This Modelling to optimise Churn parameters has led to remarkable churn improvements.
Data Analysis
The journey of Data Science can only start with Data Sets. The structuring and completion of data sets often requires in-depth data analysis. Not only the Extract, Transform and Load process requires expertise but cooping on a smart yet pragmatic way with the incompleteness and errors in data sets requires experience to complete this in a fast and effective way.
Frontline Profitability - Build & Execute
Our Frontline Profitability Projects are based on a proven concept and have been implemented for numerous clients in the B2B industry. A FLP project runs during a period of 3 to 6 months, depending on the size of the organization and the complexity of the business. It is the customization and implementation of a smart selection of improvement methodologies.
Frontline Profitability - Business Auditing
Frontline Profitability Analyses indicate exactly what the value drivers are and what organizational parameters (enablers) are needed in order to establish the required level of commercial control. It is providing a full quantitative and qualitative insight of the business performance, value leakage, business processes efficiency and improvement potentials.
Go-to-Market Strategy
Despite tremendous efforts in product innovation, very often new product launches in B2B fail. MRD designed a methodology and toolbox to support you in improving your product launch capabilities. Have more output, quicker and with more impact. The program has three pillars: Business Intelligence and Business Plan design, Test-marketing and launch preparation (Pre-launch, Launch, Post-launch).
MyDealwinner ATP - Advanced Transactional Pricing
The web-based tool that brings the Predictive Price and the Predictive Price Framework into operation. It is shown on screen, web-based to guide all negotiations to deal optimum via target, floor, predictive prices, price risk and profit results.
MyDealWinner PPM - Analytics
The myDealWinner PPM pricing software forms the basis for operating pricing best practices in sales force working processes. The ultimate business insight tool is the analytics module. This module provides endless profit, price and volume etc analysis on all dimensions, geographies and markets.
MyDealWinner PPM - Configure Price Quote
The myDealWinner PPM pricing software forms the basis for operating pricing best practices in sales force working processes. The most powerful tool is the CPQ module of MyDealWinner. It is the deal optimizer and quoting engine for sales forces. This tool is also mobile accessible and ensures that sales is optimizing prices with all possible insights and with full respect to the bottom-line.
MyDealWinner PPM - Customer Value Management
The myDealWinner PPM pricing software forms the basis for operating pricing best practices in sales force working processes. The sales managers will monitor and plan sales activities on price via Customer Management. This part of the tool allows sales managers to compose customer value plans and can be used to run a value recovery campaign.
MyDealWinner PPM - Price List Management
The myDealWinner PPM pricing software forms the basis for operating pricing best practices in sales force working processes. The Marketing function can now automated direct sales forces to operate within the agreed and optimal price bands. Mobile and Global. The positioning and price differentiation of the product portfolio is created and managed out of the Price List Management module of MyDealWinner PPM.
MySalesProjects - Lead & Conversion Management
Hier kan tekst komen over de teaser genaamd Churn & Pricing Positioning, Guidelines & SteeringLead Software, Sales Conversion Management
Predictive Pricing Framework
This is the 9 dimensional framework of implementing Predictive Pricing and Advanced Transactional Pricing into sales, marketing and business operations. It results into a seamless and agile team collaboration all focused to realize best possible deal profitability and minimizing churn.
Predictive Pricing Modelling
The mathematical modelling of the Price Drivers of a data set result in advanced algorithms. These algorithms are the essential engine to operationalize the predictive pricing.
Price Driver Discovery
The key in predictive pricing is the determination of price and profit drivers. In a series of meetings both business as well as data scientist are researching, profiling and validating drivers in data sets. These approaches reveal discoveries that could not be seen by experience or judgments.
Sales Force Effectiveness - Build & Execute
Our Sales Force Effectiveness Projects are aiming at smart and concise improvements of (global) sales forces. These sales forces should as best practice mirror the market dimensions and growth targets set by the company. Often they don't. Critical part is sales force structure, best practices (Commercial Excellence) as well as sales force sizing.
Sales Force Effectiveness - Business Auditing
The effectiveness of Sales Offices is highly depending on the design, proper sales force sizing and essential processes for sales operations. This approach is applied at underperforming (international) sales offices, operating in other (business) cultural settings.
Sales Force Sizing & Strategy
The structure and size of (global) sales force organisations should mirror the market and customer portfolio that business is targeting. Mostly sales teams do not fit any longer when time passes. Time is spend on the wrong customers, segments. Prospects and key accounts are not receiving the sales effort needed and sales channels are under or over utilised. MRD is experienced in re-shaping, modifying or trimming sales organisations in any global (cultural) setting possible.
Strategic Pricing
The key issue in industrial marketing is how to determine the exact positioning of your product in the strategically selected Product Market Combinations (PMC's). Pure pricing strategies hardly exist. Our experience is that most companies perform better by selecting hybrid pricing strategies.
Value Recovery - Radical Profit Improvement
Mainly as part of Frontline Profitability projects the Value Recovery projects are the fastest way of margin recovery via risk free price increases. These projects are risk free since the analytics navigate salesforces to prices or rebates of customer-product combinations, that are out of range within the same customer segment.