Directing Business Processes  in Manufacturing & Service Sectors with A.I.


Global chemical and Pharma businesses are impacted by trans-global effects, shifting markets and volatility in the cost of raw materials. Empowering chemical businesses with  better insight into their product costing, customer behaviour and competitive & market trends, enables them to maximise their margins by correctly positioning and pricing their product and delivering optimal value to customers.

MRDs credentials and solutions for Chemical & Pharma companies include:

  • Dynamic Integrated Price Recommendation Models that include
    • Raw Material Fluctuations
    • Demand Volatility
    • Market Supply Dynamics & Competitive Supply
    • Customer Lifetime Value Index
  • Profitability and Value Recovery Optimizations
  • Optimisation Models for Manufacturing Planning & Asset Utilization
  • Recommendation System for Product Up-sell & Cross-sell


Logistic companies and transportation providers are under immense pressure to deliver better services at lower costs. A capital-intensive operation and thin margins command a high degree of commercial control. Our comprehensive dynamic pricing solution, PriceCypher, has enabled shipping and airline companies to better streamline their sales organizations and improve margins.

MRDs credentials and solutions for logistics companies include:

  • Dynamic Pricing Model for Fright & Cargo Bookings
  • Predictive Costing & Pricing Models
  • Network Optimisation Models
  • Demand Forecasting Model
  • Predictive Asset Maintenance Models
  • Data Science DevOps Setup & Maintenance


Energy and utility companies face fierce competition, evolving demand patterns and regulatory pressure, in addition to the constantly fluctuating commodity prices. Our suite of pricing and optimisation solutions help our energy and utility companies extract maximum value for their products and services by capturing their consumer’s willingness to pay and riding above market trends.

MRDs credentials and solutions for energy companies include:

Dynamic  Pricing based on Spot & Futures Pricing

  • Dynamic Margin Predictions adjust for spot and futures pricing from energy exchange
  • Margin & Conversion Simulation Models
  • Pricing Model Steering for Market Penetration
  • Price Tooling for Steering Sales Teams
  • Price Recommendation for B2B on Online Portals


Insurance companies are inflicted with evolving consumer needs and expectations. By tapping into their vast data reserves, our clients have been able to offer personalised assurance offerings to customers at the right price  and detect fraud and risk early in the customer lifecycle.

MRDs credentials and solutions for Insurance companies include:

  • Prediction Models to estimate likelihood of Defaults and Damages
  • Recommendations Models for Optimal Policy Price
  • Recommendation System for Product Up-sell & Cross-sell
  • Data Science Team Setup & Trainings

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