Providing full insight in your business

shutterstock_139983571It may not always be clear what the real issue is in your business. We make you see the real issues and opportunities by quantitative analysis and fast & thorough review of your business processes and performance.

The solutions are depending on the type of industry you are acting in and the set-up of your business model.

Our Solutions: Marketing Science

Price Driver Discovery
The key in predictive pricing is the determination of price and profit drivers. In a series of meetings both business as well as data scientist are researching, profiling and validating drivers in data sets. These approaches reveal discoveries that could not be seen by experience or judgments.
Data Analysis
The journey of Data Science can only start with Data Sets. The structuring and completion of data sets often requires in-depth data analysis. Not only the Extract, Transform and Load process requires expertise but cooping on a smart yet pragmatic way with the incompleteness and errors in data sets requires experience to complete this in a fast and effective way.

Our Solutions: Technology

MyDealWinner PPM - Analytics
The myDealWinner PPM pricing software forms the basis for operating pricing best practices in sales force working processes. The ultimate business insight tool is the analytics module. This module provides endless profit, price and volume etc analysis on all dimensions, geographies and markets.

Our Solutions: Strategy

Sales Force Effectiveness - Business Auditing
The effectiveness of Sales Offices is highly depending on the design, proper sales force sizing and essential processes for sales operations. This approach is applied at underperforming (international) sales offices, operating in other (business) cultural settings.
Frontline Profitability - Business Auditing
Frontline Profitability Analyses indicate exactly what the value drivers are and what organizational parameters (enablers) are needed in order to establish the required level of commercial control. It is providing a full quantitative and qualitative insight of the business performance, value leakage, business processes efficiency and improvement potentials.