The recent Gartner 2019 Technology Outlook describes and important trend that is underlining the set strategic course of MRD.

Gartner Quote: AI-enabled tools are evolving from assisting and automating functions related to application development (AD) to being enhanced with business domain expertise and automating activities higher on the AD process stack (from general development to business solution design). The market will shift from a focus on data scientists partnered with developers to developers operating independently using predefined models delivered as a service. This enables more developers to utilize the services, and increases efficiency. These trends are also leading to more mainstream usage of virtual software developers and nonprofessional “citizen application developers.”

With the PriceCypher product MRD is offering the market a scientific pricing model that can be exploited for value recovery and margin improvement purposess by siumply plugging this via PAI to existing CRM/CPQ. With that MRD is now offering the PriceCypher solution to developers and pricing specialists of direct customers or co-deliver this with CPQ suppliers.

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