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Global chemical (specialty) businesses are impacted by trans-global effects, shifting markets and volatility in the cost of raw materials. Empowering chemical businesses with  better insight into their product costing, customer behaviour and competitive & market trends, enables them to maximize their margins by correctly pricing their product and delivering optimal value to customers.
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Logistic companies and transportation providers are under immense pressure to deliver better services at lower costs. A capital-intensive operation and thin margins command a high degree of commercial control. Our comprehensive pricing solution, PriceCypher, has enabled shipping and airline companies to better structure and discipline their sales organizations.
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Energy and utility companies face fierce competition, evolving demand patterns and regulatory pressure, in addition to the constantly fluctuating commodity prices. Our cost and margin algorithms built on real-time energy data help our energy and utility companies extract maximum value for their products and services by capturing their consumer’s willingness to pay and market trends.