An Auto Machine Learning (AutoML) solution automates the steps in the workflow of developing and deploying machine-learning models. MRD has developed its own Auto Machine Learning solution for Pricing, “PriceCypher AI” that enables businesses with limited machine learning capabilities and knowledge, to build high accuracy predictive models for pricing.

But you may wonder how can PriceCypher AI solution help in enabling you?

With automated machine learning, “PriceCypher AI”, data analysts can start building machine learning models and take their skill-sets to the next level. On the other hand, businesses can get multiple wins under the belt and complete multiple use-cases within their organizations in less time that will build up momentum and make it possible for to iterate and expand the monetization of data. PriceCypher AI enables the automation tasks such as:

  • Feature Selection: On the basis of degree of importance the drivers from the selected data set, important features are selected.
  • Model Selection: Depending on the data set we select a model that is suitable, as each data sets need a curated model.
  • Pipeline Selection: A pipeline is created based on the data set, model selection, feature selection that drives the automated machine learning.

PriceCypher AI automates a large part of ML from data to AI in hours. Learn how to lift up your analytics team to exceed business goals. The proven results of benchmarking PriceCypher A.I. against competitors (Azure, Google, Amazon) yields 4-5% higher accuracy!

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