Our History & Our Future

From Marketing Strategy to Pricing Intelligence

MarketRedesign started off 10 years ago helping companies uplift their profit margins by optimising price and sales processes using quantitative methodologies. Over the years, we have developed a solid track record at international B2B companies as a ‘Marketing Science & Technology’ company. We combine data, mathematics, technology and business expertise into solutions, to help our client enhance, improve and recover frontline performance.

Our latest innovation is PriceCypher, a ‘predictive’ price optimisation solution using sophisticated machine learning algorithms to predict customer willingness to pay and optimising margin, churns and negotiation times.

Our Vision is to become the global standard in predictive marketing intelligence.

Focus Areas

Predictive Pricing, Pricing Process Optimization, Data Modelling & Machine Learning

MarketRedesign is a Marketing Science & Technology company, specialized in revenue enhancement through price & margin improvement, sales process redesign and sales and pricing strategy.

We provides B2B organizations with the necessary solutions to (re)gain commercial control and optimize margins. With a no-nonsense attitude, we have built a solid track record at international tier one companies in both manufacturing and service industries such as chemicals, energy, insurance, telecommunications, logistics and pharmaceuticals.

Growth and Innovation

Research, Development & Commercialization

MarketRedesign has an ongoing collaboration with the department of Mathematics & Computer Science at Eindhoven University of Technology  to advance our proprietary concepts by combining theoretical knowledge with business applicability. The innovative program has resulted it the creation of sophisticated with mathematical, technical and behavioural solutions that support the sales negotiation strategies and tactics at organizations.

MRD & Data Security

Securing all data critical processes and hardware by ISMS – ISO 27001

Business Information and Data are the core business assets of MarketRedesign. Therefore, MarketRedesign requires state of art protection of its Business Information, Data, Systems, Organization and Software against any threat that could potentially disrupt business operations or lead to undesired handling or exposure of business information to any form of risk, whether internal or external, deliberate or accidental.

MarketRedesign’s Information Security Management System is built to allow a thorough understanding of our approach to Information Security, for employees, suppliers, and customers.

The Policy Scope covers physical security and all forms of Information Security, such as data stored on computers, transmitted across networks, printed or written on paper, stored on external data carriers or spoken in person or over the phone.

MarketRedesign realizes that Information Security is one of the least static phenomena of this century, and therefore requires its employees to have a continuous awareness of security risks and a high capacity for security enhancement.

MarketRedesign is committed to maintaining and continuously improving the Information Security and Information Security Management System within the company and minimizing the company’s and its clients’ exposure to risks.