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Marketing Science
Predictive Pricing
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Modelling & Machine Learning
Mathematical steering of Pricing: The 3d Generation of Data Science
From Data Analysis, to Predictive Analysis and finally now 3d Generation Data Science: Impacting human behaviour in daily business operations. The data science solutions of MRD enhance negotiations of sales forces, steer for churn improvement and optimize share.

Adding mathematics to pricing is a leading edge proprietary technology of MRD within the pricing arena. It provides real-time calculated target and predictive prices for each new deal or new quote.
Both in retention, acquisition as well as retail sales channels the predictive price represents the price optimum or willingness to pay per deal. This is used for directing and steering sales forces towards a price optimum and to compose price guidelines with risk and value optima.
Especially large sales forces with a transactional pricing character and pre-defined product offerings are benefitting of this complementary and new domain of data science.
Technology Pricing Software
Web-based Pricing Software
Advanced Transactional Pricing
CPQ, PLM, CVM & Analytics
Web based Pricing Applications, Supporting and Steering Sales in Execution

Fast and Simple Web-based Pricing Software: Analytics, Customer Value Manager, Price List Manager and Configure-Price-Quote. It is all there in a smart, fast and cost effective solution: MyDealWinner PPM & ATP

Years of experience in management of business and execution of sales has been incorporated into the MyDealWinner pricing software modules. these modules are webbased and are IT-free solutions that can operate with limited training and implementation effort. The business (ERP) data is fueling the modules and transforming data into actionable insights that is used in price guideline management.

Sales forces can be directed globally on all pricing critical processes via websites and mobile solutions.

Strategy Consulting
Strategy to build businesses

We believe that it’s not the theory but the results that make the difference. We don’t believe in anecdotes, dogmas and opinions. We believe in facts. We don’t believe in keeping distance. We believe in getting involved. Have skin in the game and deliver results.

We work with seasoned global industry executives with real-time practical experience. Seen it, done it. We use our in-house (big) data analysis power to transfer data into information. Make it fact-based.

We are committed to results, not theory. Results are delivered where the ‘rubber hits the road’. In the heat of the execution. That’s where we act and make the difference.

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